Paper (and print) Sizes

There are standard Paper sizes in the UK which all printers work to. We have listed below the most popular ones. Note: we are not limited to these sizes, but for the sake of the website and ease of pricing, we have mainly stuck to these.

Paper (and print) Sizes

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Business Stationery

  • Letterhead

    297 x 210mm
  • Compliment Slip

    210 x 99mm
  • Business Card

    85 x 55 / 90 x 55mm
  • Folded Business Card

    170 x 55mm (flat) 85 x 55mm (folded)


  • A4

    297 x 210mm
  • A5

    210 x 148mm
  • A6

    148 x 105mm
  • DL

    210 x 99mm
  • A5 sq.

    148 x 148mm
  • A4 sq.

    210 x 210mm