Folded Leaflet Guide

We offer four standard folds - the half fold, the roll fold, the Z fold and the gate fold.
These are the most commonly used folds when producing leaflets. They serve the purpose of providing more pages
to view than an unfolded sheet. For example, an unfolded A4 sheet gives you two pages to view (front and back).
Fold it in half and you now have 4 pages to view (front cover, inside pages and back cover).

Care is needed when setting up the file to print from to make sure that all pages are in the correct position.











Half Fold

This gives you 4 equally sized pages. This most common type of folded leaflet that we do.

Roll Fold

This gives you six equally sized pages.

Z Fold

This gives you six equally sized pages.

Gate Fold

This gives you six pages. The front two that close together are half the size of the central page.