Pantone Matching

This is a method of matching colours using the Pantone Matching System (PMS). It is a colour reproduction standard that allows all printers to match colours using a unique reference number assigned to each colour across the spectrum.

Pantone printing in the digital world

Digital printers use fixed ink channels, the most basic of which is CMYK. We have printers that use between 4 and 8 different colour channels to give us the widest colour gamut available.

These are either toner based or liquid (water or solvent) based.

Because of this we are not able to mix a Pantone colour prior to print, and therefore we are not able to guarantee an exact Pantone match.

However, our own colour matching software gives us an accurate and reliable match, allowing us to come very close to the Pantone colour of choice.

If colour is critical to your job, talk to us and we can produce a sample before the print run commences.